With a line of commercial credit or commercial financing, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business starters can quickly obtain capital for the cash in addition to maintaining stable operational flow. This is what the funds lent to companies are for. When managing a business, you often find that operating expenses increase while funds are going down, it’s normal. What if you need to access investment capital?

In this case, you might consider ” getting a commercial loan as an emergency credit line “. For companies, lenders offer several advantages over other financing modalities. With a commercial loan, you pay the expenses of your business, both accessing revolving credit lines as well as bank credit limits and also dozens of other alternative forms.

Although a business credit line is very much like overdraft limit, there are several differences, the main one being that the overdraft can only be accessed when your account goes into negative mode. A bank loan is accessed whenever you need it because it is usually pre-approved at the bank that the company has.

How does a business credit line work?

How does a business credit line work?


A line of credit means you’re already approved for a pre-approved credit limit specific to a particular use. You can access these resources up to the amount that the institution has approved for you or your business.

You will only be responsible for paying what you borrow, in addition to other fees charged by the lender upon the request. In addition, your lender will only charge interest on the amount borrowed, not on the total amount approved in advance. Depending on the lender, you may also be required to put up some sort of collateral to ensure that the repayments will all be returned.

In the end, a loan released through a business line of credit gives the entrepreneur or entrepreneur control over the company’s finances since it is possible to borrow the money that is needed whenever needed.

This additional flexibility makes commercial lines of credit a valuable financial tool, very practical for beginners and veterans. It is also generally cheaper than traditional credit cards and negative corporate loan.

What Features Comes With A Commercial Loan Line?

There are many features that are part of the ” lines of credit for commercial loan ” and business, among them are included:

  • Interest rates. Make sure that your lender will charge variable or fixed interest rate. Also, ensure that you will only be charged interest on the amount you borrow from the institution or financial institution.
  • Total Effective Cost. To help in the actual comparison and check all the options more accurately, when comparing transaction fees, take into account not only the reported interest rate, but also everything that will result in the final value of the loan.
  • Additional Fees. Generally, a loan using the commercial credit line includes only a single fee but it is possible that the lender may include other additional fees in the transaction – stay tuned!
  • Monthly payments. Commercial loans do not have minimum monthly repayment. The installments in general are equal and fixed until the end of the loan agreement, except when interest, fines and charges are applied for some delay.
  • Insurance or guarantee. Many loans and lines of credit for businesses may need to be secured, which means that you may be required to take out a secured lender or give some good as collateral to have the loan feature.
  • Loan amounts. When applying for a loan on pre-approved commercial credit lines, remember that some lenders may require a minimum payment term eg: 12 installments at a minimum and a maximum of 72 installments.

How to compare your loan options?

 How to compare your loan options?

The following factors when comparing your options should be well clarified:

  • Can my company repay the loan? This should always be the main factor in your decision. Before acquiring any type of debt. Be sure to calculate all costs associated with smooth running and make sure you keep the cash flow positive to take on new monthly expenses.
  • How much can I borrow? Different lenders offer varying minimum loan amounts and maximums. However, the specific amount to which you are or will be approved depends on several factors that may include credit history, credit score, business relationship, the requested loan amount, cash flow stability, your assets and liabilities.
  • When can I borrow from my credit line? Evaluate the lender you choose, make sure it is able to provide the cash resources when you need it. Otherwise you will be wasting your time, resources and money.
  • How much will this loan cost? In addition to the interest rate, check what other fees you will be charged, including commission rates, IOF – federal tax, among others.
  • How much will the plot cost? Your monthly installments (monthly repayments) are usually not corrected, the amount depends on how much you choose to pay and within the allowed by the lender, eg: loan of R $ 90 thousand with installments of R $ 2,813.09 in 60 times. If you can pay more monthly, you increase the amount of the installments or shorten the term to less time.

Actions to Avoid When Using a Commercial Line of Credit


 Actions to Avoid When Using a Commercial Line of Credit

– Asking for more than you can afford. When it comes to business loan with lines of credit for business, any entrepreneur and entrepreneur can easily borrow more than your company really needs or can afford. Think of the following, it is not just because you are approved for a certain amount in the bank or in the financial one that means you should use everything.

Note: Never apply for loan amounts more than what you or your business really need. By doing this you can quickly come across a debt ball and with that, putting your business can go through financial difficulties and even file for bankruptcy.

– Taking a lot of time to pay. With business loans made on lines of business credit, you do not have to repay the amount you borrowed only within the term you have hired. Instead, you have the option to only pay more installments monthly fees and shorten the time and still earn with the discounts of the anticipated interest.

Note: Regardless of the outstanding balance of your loan, interest and charges are accumulated. This means that the more time you choose to pay, the more money will be paid and the more expensive the loan becomes. Avoid paying a loan with very long terms, with the exception of Dumbes credit.

It is worth mentioning that the released and approved amounts for loans to micro, small and medium sized enterprises there is no limit, each case is a case, there are companies that can pick up only $ 10,000 while others up to $ 1,000,000.

It is also worth mentioning that there are in the credit market, loan variations for companies that are negative with little bureaucracy. So if you have pre-approved credit limit and access GranaSmart for one or more commercial loans, do not miss the opportunity – if you really need to!